Tuesday, 14 May 2013

Mindfulness Yoga for Emotional Well-Being, June/July 2013

– including for stress, insomnia, anxiety, depression

Most of us have times in life when sleep eludes us, or periods when anxiety levels are high, or a down mood takes over. This 6-week course (presented by certified Iyengar Yoga teacher and registered psychologist, Jenni Dall) is for anyone who would like to learn how to use yoga specifically designed to deal with these situations.

The genius of the Iyengar approach to sequencing and alignment will be augmented by mindfulness practices which further teach the mind to stay present rather than chase thoughts which may not be useful. The latter skills are particularly generalizable to everyday moments when you might not have access to the time/place appropriate for performing asanas (yoga poses).

Jenni has several decades of experience teaching yoga, and almost as long working with people whose anxiety and/or depression has de-railed their life. She is able to draw on this experience in catering to a broad range of individual needs within this small group class: mild to severe mood fluctuations, beginner to experienced yoga practitioners.


$240 / $198 concession*

Medicare rebate:

Gap you pay:
$110.10 / $68.10 concession

* Concession applies to Health Care Card holders
** If you are currently dealing with something that your GP can classify as a “diagnosable mental health condition”, you are probably eligible for a referral that entitles you to get $129.90 back from Medicare. Your referral must specify “up to 10 Group sessions with a Psychologist” - please contact Jenni if you need more information about this.

Pre-requisites: It is preferable (though not necessary) to meet with Jenni before the course starts for an individual consultation. This gives us a chance to discuss your uniquely personal situation and how you tend to deal with things. Contact Jenni immediately if you would like this.
Full payment is required to reserve your place - Book early to avoid disappointment, as places are strictly limited!

Course dates:           11.30 am – 1 pm Sundays     
                                    2-23 June   (4 weeks)           [Note: no class 30 June]
                           &       7-14 July    (2 weeks)
Venue: Moore Street Yoga Room (Moore Lane, cnr Moore Str, Austinmer)
Bookings:  Use the  contact form on Jenni's website
Further information:  Jenni's website,  Mindwise          or  ( 4210 6139


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