Monday, 17 February 2014

Kids Yoga & Yoga For Little Bears with Erika 2014

Joyful, peacefulness, love, generosity, assertiveness, consideration, curiosity, fun, friendliness, honesty, patience, self-confidence, trust, wisdom… Do these qualities, or ‘virtues’ sound good to you? Do they sound like ones you’d like for your children, and your family?

I am inspired by a new kids yoga book called Yoga for Little Bears by Monica Batiste. This book combines Monica’s gorgeous paintings of teddy bears doing yoga, with fun poetry, and information on the ‘virtues’, emotional intelligence and how to combine both of these fields with yoga for children.

Growing emotional intelligence is a popular subject for parents these days, that is, being sensitive to and aware of childrens emotions, so that they can learn to express and handle their emotions in healthy ways. This leads to well rounded children and emotionally secure adults.

The ‘virtues’ are qualities that we can use, or talk about with our children and families as a tool to grow these qualities in ourselves and our children. There are many virtues – 136 plus… If we say ‘That was very kind of you to sing a song to your sisiter when she was upset,’ we acknowledge the virtue of kindness in the child. We encourage this virtue allowing it to grow, by naming it and providing positive feedback to the child.

This term, I will be using this book, for my program for yoga for kids classes. For me, these teddies doing yoga are fun, and the poetry such as, ‘Strength and courage never part, Peace and love are in my heart’ (with the Fierce Teddy – or Warrior 2 Pose) are both fun and meaningful.

I hope the kids love this book and teddy yoga as much as I do!

Classes start this Wed 19th February 4-5pm at Moore st Yoga Room for 5-10 year olds.

For information on my yoga for kids classes, see ‘yoga classes’ page.

Erika Steller


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