Tuesday, 29 January 2019

Led-Practice now every Sunday 8.30am – 10.30am

By popular demand: sequences from Geeta Iyengar on Sundays at Moore Street!

When she died on 16 December last year, Geeta left a powerful legacy to the world of yoga. At Moore Street Yoga Room we marked the occasion with a memorial practice (read more about that here). Following this moving experience, participants asked for more, and so Jenni Dall has agreed to lead the six practices that make up the set. This will happen on the second and fourth Sundays, February to April.

Together these six practices provide a structure for daily practice for the student who has been practising yoga for some time, and wishes to include a good range of poses on a regular basis. Geeta includes this course when she says “The above courses of study are intended for the average sadhaka whose object is to maintain good physical and mental health”. That said, there are some advanced postures in there to extend and inspire you! Alternatives will be suggested to keep it accessible, but If you feel unsure about your capacity to follow along, it is best to start on the first, second, or third Sunday of a month.

(On the other Sundays Karla Sperling will lead a General level practice – so there will always be someone calling each pose, and performing it out front where you can see and follow. You do, however, need to be already familiar with a fair range of poses, and be able to look after yourself in them, as there will be no teaching as such).

Minimum $10 per attendance.  ◄►   $10 goes toward Yoga Room rent, and you are invited to give more in appreciation of the shared practice, by donating to our project/s supporting Education/Training for disadvantaged girls/women in India.

Note: We are unable to arrange for the street doors to automatically unlock for these practices. Best come to the Moore Lane (back of building) entrance so that if necessary you can tap on the window to be let in.

For more information call Jenni 02) 4210 6139

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