Monday, 17 May 2021

New classes with Andrea O'Brien

We are very pleased to welcome Andrea O'Brien to the Moore Street Yoga Room with classes on Thursdays and Sundays at 9:30am.

Andrea began her yoga journey in 1998 while living and working in Japan where she spent time at a mountain monastery and began to practise yoga and meditation. This was the spark that ignited the flame. She continued her practice while living self-sufficiently on a remote Fijian island for five years and being openly exposed to the elements of life.

These experiences taught her to really value her yoga practice and provided the catalyst for her training. She came to Australia and trained intensively with various teachers and in many styles, This included teacher training with John Olgivie at Byron Yoga and  Sue-ellen Kohler at Black Lotus Yoga Studios. In 2010 she became a certified teacher. Andrea has been studying under the guidance of Senior Iyengar Yoga Teacher Peter Thomson since 2013. 

Her teaching method aims to develop a deepening perception and an understanding of energetic support and alignment that is accessible to everyone so the yoga practice can engage and support us physically, mentally and emotionally in our daily lives.

 Email Andrea  Website  Phone: 0411346386

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