Thursday, July 6, 2023

Alyson Johnson

Classes are based on the Ashtanga Yoga method which I have practiced regularly for many years after discovering my teacher Eileen Hall in 2001. I have found this style of practice helps build strength and support good mobility.

Although my style of class is better suited to active individuals with some yoga experience, my teaching style offers a wide range of options for individuals to practice. As is traditional, we always begin with sun salutes. These dynamic movements are designed to get the body moving and breath flowing. Next, are standing postures and bringing attention to the principles of alignment and finding stability in the body and calmness in the breath. 

I try to meet those in the room compassionately, to help them develop mobility and stability in their mind and limbs, to perform foundation yoga postures well, and to build confidence in their practice. Modifications are encouraged to help them arrive at the end of the class feeling restored.

I believe good, open-level classes provide strategies for students to explore postures and transitions in ways that are fun and engaging but also safe and supported, with the freedom to choose the right amount of challenge in any given moment. The class offers space for individuals to grow into confident practitioners who can do yoga independently between classes.

Classes are approximately an hour long with a few minutes rest and seated contemplation at the end. We begin and end with an invitation to chant the sound AUM. This is a way of acknowledging the origins of yogic knowledge in the Wisdom Traditions of India. There is no obligation to participate, some people prefer to just receive the sound.

Moore Street Yoga Room is a unique venue with large windows opening onto a quiet, leafy lane. It features great ventilation and fresh air flow, seasonal comfort with heating and cooling, low lighting, and a large range of yoga props for practice, rest and mediation.

Thursday 10:00am - 11:30am

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