Tuesday, January 23, 2024

Juliet Willetts

Juliet teaches hatha yoga, in a style based on the ancient texts and founded by Shandor Remete (Sundernath) (see https://shadowyoga.com/).

For the beginner, this style works with simple but challenging preparatory sequences designed to remove energetic blockages and link movement and breath. These preliminary sequences, called ‘preludes’ are taught as a foundation, and ‘nrtta sadhana’ (pure dance) assists in uncovering the natural rhythmic movement of the limbs and setting up the correct mindset.

As one proceeds further in the path of hatha yoga, asanas, pranayamas, bandhas and mudras are utilised to support the mind to penetrate inwards, so that obstructions and fixed patterns in the body and mind can be dissolved. The practice cultivates equanimity, the gathering of scattered energies, with the goal to reach the natural state. This path requires patience, perseverance and a long-term view, as a focus on the side-benefits only hinders progression. The mindset of the practitioner is key. Step by step different tools are introduced as one progresses.

There are currently two classes available during 2024. A set of introductory 4-6 week courses providing the foundation to the practice (6-7pm Mondays), and regular courses for experienced practitioners of this style (7.15pm-8.30pm Mondays). See Juliet’s website for course dates or contact Juliet at 0466 387 327- bookings essential.

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